Today we awoke in the UK to Donald Trump being the president elect in America.

Here in Coventry, smack bang in the middle of the UK, it feels like another Brexit. I’m not a remoaner, just someone who feels like the facts were not presented, in the UK – or for the American people.

Mostly, the situation is down to the politicians and their wealthy backers, we’ve come to expect it from them right?

But it’s the media and journalism that are and have been for some time failing us.

They should of been there, investigating the facts, and presenting them to the general public – so we can make informed decisions.

But why does it matter for me here in the UK? How does it affect me?

I feel that local and national media needs to be owned and directed by communities.

That’s why I’m kicking off a conversation. I want to hear from local people (Coventry, Birmingham, Middle Lands of UK) about how you feel about media?

What would you like to see given the spotlight? Local issues important to you? The chance to have you voice heard, your story told?

As a community led, alternative network – we could help take back control of our news, and start to deliver facts to the masses again. Focusing on social issues, stories and information that’s important to us.

With no hidden agenda, wealthy moguls flexing too much political sway, or soap box for unethical companies.

A media company owned by its readers, with a vote and direct, democratic control over the road it shall take.

Trump, CNN, Clinton, Daily Mail, Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, Fox and Hannity don’t want the public having the facts. They want fear, power and complete control of what we think.

Take back control of your local and national media.

Join the conversation. Help kick start a community. Be a part of and own your media. And spread the word. There’s a lot of work to do.