Jonathan Harmsworth, AKA Viscount Rothermere

Bermudans, coming over here – owning our papers, paying no tax. It’s disgraceful.

Meet Jonathan Harmsworth. The 4th Viscount of Rothmere, who is the Chairman and one of the biggest stakeholders and owner of Daily Mail and General Trust PLC, which owns The Daily Mail, The Metro and various other newspapers and publications here in the UK. And seemingly a proud ‘Bleedin’ Foreigner’ as his controlling stake in the company is owned by a company registered in Bermuda.

Mr Harmsworth is a British born citizen, whose paper The Daily Mail tends to identify itself as a conservative, right wing and proudly British publication. It’s a publication that has a huge influence on many older generations here in the UK.

It has been known to write content that plays on people’s fears, through fear-inducing and negative content, while supposedly championing the plight of the elderly, and white, conservative middle class of the UK. It slams the NHS on a regular basis in that it fails the general public and that large business such as Facebook does not pay enough tax into the British coffers.

But articles around tax avoidance in the Daily Mail are a tad ironic when Mr Harmsworth resides in France for tax non-domicile tax status.

He inherited the paper and DMG media group at 31 years of age, which his Great Grandfather Harold Harmsworth originally established in 1876. 

Jonathan Harmsworth company Rothmere Continuation Limited, a company registered in Bermuda (a tax-free haven), owns 89.2 percent of the Daily Mail and General Trust Plc company, which allows him to not pay tax on any earnings from the PLC.

A man worth a reported £1Billion, who loves the UK – but doesn’t live here, doesn’t pay tax on his earnings through Rothmere Continuation Limited, but his papers want you to believe that immigration and tax avoidance by Facebook (the latter we agree, is totally unacceptable) are the problems?

So, what drives somebody like Jonathan Harmsworth to not pay tax on his earnings from said paper to the British Government?

Do you read the Daily Mail? Do you agree that Viscount Rothmere should be able, and is more than entitled to take his profits and not pay tax on them? Or, are you of the mindset that this missing tax revenue could help British folk out?

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