The five rules:

  1. The co-operative will be membership and people powered. Owned by it’s members with one share and one vote.
  2. Content will be created with the help of the local community.
  3. The focus will always be put on local people and the issues and stories that you find the most relevant.
  4. Revenue will be through membership, grants and social responsible revenue streams, an ethical charter will be created and always voted on by members and elected members.
  5. The content will be impartial, informative and always seeking all sides of the story, trying to find a fair voice for all.

Community Led Alternative Network.

An alternative youth media co-operative, owned and led by a community of people from the region who want to take back a failed local and mainstream media.

A tribe of people putting the spotlight on issues relevant to them covering a variety of topics from social issues, to housing, homelessness, community to the environment, human rights and inequality. The content reflecting the real social issues facing the community and its people.

As part of the co-operative, educational and informative media workshops and other services will be offered to help galvanise and engage local people to take part in journalism, take ownership of their Citys’, culture and media and create a more open and informed society.

Ultimately this is a place for stories from the middle lands.

Coventry. Leicester. Nottingham. Birmingham.

Stories about people.

A place for all voices. A space for discussion. A place to focus on real issues facing normal people. No subject or topic taboo.

Join the conversation, get in touch info {at} weareclan {dot} co {dot} uk



This is a work in progress. If you would like to contribute to the Manifesto, Vision and topics of Clan, and help develop this early stage co-operative – please get in touch on info {at}