We Are Clan

Community Led Alternative Network.
UK Youth & Independent Alternative Media.

An alternative media company with a social conscience.

A collection of people documenting independent sub-cultures, communities and individuals through words, images, events, films & sounds. We help people tell their stories.


Clan Culture

A quarterly digital and print publication. Tells the stories and documents lives of midlands peoples, streets & sub-cultures.

Coming soon

Covert Magazine

An online space representing uk street music & culture.

Covert Mag

Crack, Lick – Act Now.

Pop up events and galleries, putting the spotlight on independent creativity.

Clan Events

Independent cultural events agency.

We help create and curate events for independent venues, brands and social projects.

Clan Events

Helping independent brands find & tell their story

Digital + Motion + Branding


Creative, Lost And Nowhere

UK Independent & Alternative Media.

Clan Media

Clan Media
Community Led Alternative Network.


121 The Greenhouse
Gibb Street
Custard Factory
B9 4AA

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